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Broadlands are enthusiastic about ensuring that our clients are protecting their investment.

What we offer

Our insurance services cover:
Buildings Insurance
Directors & Officers Insurance
Terrorism Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Engineering Insurance

Guidance and help

We can help you by introducing you to a variety of insurance products that may suit your requirements. Some of which we can also support the administration of.

Insurance can be one of the largest items of service expenditure and therefore we feel it is essential that value for
money is obtained.



Nearly all UK insurance policies for  blocks of flats incorporate a “total exclusion” for loss or damage caused by terrorist activities. For an additional
premium, policy cover can be extended to include damage occasioned by, happening through or in consequence of terrorism.

Terrorism is defined for the purposes of the insurance:
“any act by a person on behalf of or in connection with an organisation with activities directed towards the overthrowing or influencing of Her Majesty’s
government in the United Kingdom or other government de jure or de facto by force or violence.


Many Insurance companies also provide an inspection service and insurance protection. The inspection service complies with statutory legislative requirements
and is a fee based service carried out by a competent person.

Insurance protection provides sudden and unforeseen damage/breakdown insurance cover. This is not just restricted to the machinery inspected by the
insures but can include other plant and equipment where there is no inspection requirement, such as, computer equipment. An all risks type cover,
“Sudden and Unforeseen Damage” covers machinery for unexpected damage caused by breakdown and accidental damage; “Fragmentation” covers
damage caused to surrounding property belonging to the insured as a result of the plant and machinery breaking up or exploding.

Directors and Officers Insurance Policies

Did you know that the directors and officers of Residents Management Companies (RMCs) are at risk of being sued personally in matters relating to their business, regardless of whether or not it’s a limited company?

Directors and officers of RMCs usually act in a voluntary capacity and this means making important decisions on behalf of other residents, for which the directors and officers can be held personally liable.

Duties imposed on directors and officers include:

  • the custody and management of residents’ funds
  • care and skill in managing the proceedings of the association
  • ensuring contractors who carry out work do so properly

We can introduce Directors and Officers Liability insurance against losses arising from claims for wrongful acts or negligence in the performance of a
directors duties through well respected brokers.

*Terms & Conditions apply. For limitations and exclusions, please read the policy documents for full details.