RMCs – How We Can Help You

A Residents Management Company (RMC) is a company limited by share or guarantee which is responsible for the management of the communal parts of a development. Its responsibilities are set out in each lease and/or transfer document. If the RMC is limited by share, the owner of each property is automatically a shareholder of the Company. Alternatively, if the Company is limited by guarantee, property owners are members of the Company.

We provide a personal, high-quality management service to a variety of developments ranging from house conversions and private estates, to luxury riverside developments with leisure facilities and site staff and operate on behalf of RMCs, freeholders and housebuilders. Regardless of the size of the development, our experienced property management team will tailor their services to your needs.

Our Services

Controlled Maintenance Expenditure

As you may be aware, maintenance is a significant expense for leaseholders, which is why we closely monitor expenditure from year to year and always seek to achieve the best results with minimum cost.

When maintenance is required, our maintenance team obtain quotations from approved, well qualified and independent contractors, allowing us to make informed decisions with your best interests in mind. May we add that we have no financial interest in any contractor or business supplier services our clients’ requirements.

Major Works

Major cyclical works such as the redecoration of common parts, or the replacement of lifts, roofs and the like, can and do cost a considerable amount of money and we are pleased to advise that in line with current legislation we are well equipped to oversee such works, thus removing the burden from the client.

Also, where possible we always encourage planning for future major expenditure by recommending the opening of a reserve/sinking fund account. In fact most leases today stipulate that this should be the case.

Company Secretarial Services

We can act as Company Secretary for Freeholders, Resident management and Right to Manage companies which includes handling Companies House and other statutory requirements and organising Annual General Meetings.


Working closely with our property team, our accounts department uses the latest accounting procedures for block management, all in compliance with ARMA and RICS standards.