Why Choose Us?

Broadlands offer a highly professional service to Freeholders and Resident Management Companies, providing a wide variety of technical expertise and administration activities. We are proud of our excellent reputation gained by ensuring that each of the blocks we oversee are managed efficiently and cost-effectively, leaving you with peace of mind.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have a managing agent all our clients agree that the services we offer release them from the stress and responsibility that comes with administering a block of flats.

What We Do

The following bullet points provide an example of the services provided to either a management company, or indeed leaseholders. This service provision will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual company, its directors and the leaseholders, always adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in the lease and legal documentation.

  • Opening and administering bank accounts.
  • Collect Service Charges from the Leaseholders.
  • Prepare and submit Service Charge statements at intervals stated in the lease (normally quarterly or half yearly).
  • Preparing and distributing Service Charge estimates.
  • Accounting for Service Charge receipts.
  • Providing information to accountants for the production of annual accounts.
  • Collecting routine Service Charge arrears but not court cases.
  • Instruct with the landlord’s consent and assist solicitors in collection of unpaid service charges.
  • Pay for general maintenance out of other funds provided for the purpose.
  • Produce annual spending estimates to calculate service charges and reserves, as well as administering the funds and providing information to accountants.
  • Produce and circulate Service Charge accounts and supply information to Leaseholders and any Residents Association.

  • Prepare and compile an Asset Register of all Plant and M&E equipment throughout the building.
  • Through our Facilities Management and Procurement Teams to manage maintenance contracts on service include, CCTV, Lifts, Pumps, Generators and associated care lines, Fabric maintenance, Door Entry Systems, Landscaping, Cleaning.
  • To ensure the quality of works undertaken. This requires on-site inspection and audit. In addition to the management reporting, the physical inspections and audit of the actual works carried out through the facilities co-ordinator, building managers or consultants as necessary to ensure compliance.
  • To comply with statutory requirements at all times. This requires health and fire safety audits and environmental management. In terms of health and safety, periodic inspections by specialist consultants producing a full report with action lists overseen by a health and safety manager.
    As to environmental management with large sites, clients must be made aware of their obligations in terms of health and safety on an annual basis.
  • To arrange frequent detailed Inspections of the property to check the condition and deal with, and plan for, any necessary repairs and works (other than those of a major or specialist nature) which is outside the remit of our basic management fee.
  • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works such as cleaning schedules, routine garden maintenance and window cleaning.
  • To deliver value for money. This requires procurement economies. Broadlands is procuring a significant value of service and this enables leverage of purchasing levels to provide real economies of scale.
  • Responding via our helpdesk in dealing with the day to day repairs and maintenance, including emergency repair “Out of Hours”.

  • Deal within a reasonable timescale any enquiries from leaseholders.
  • Keep clients informed on changes and legal requirements, including any statutory notices and other requirements of public authorities, and check compliance with tenancy terms, and advise a day-to-day management policy.
  • Provide management information for Residents.
  • Liaising with nominated personnel in any Residents Association.
  • Dealing with individual resident’s routine and reasonable management enquiries.
  • Keeping records of residence and Residents details.
  • Keeping Landlords advised on Management policy.
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities regarding operations or amendments or improvements to communal services as necessary.
  • Advising on assignments of leases, subletting and change of use, and dealing with any necessary approvals therfore.
  • Providing copy documents including insurance policies.
  • Employing and working with other advisors of a specialist nature.
  • Dealing with requests for improvements/alterations.

  • Administer building and other insurance where appropriate.
  • Prepare cost assessment for insurance purposes on buildings and landlords contents.
  • Providing professional indemnity insurance to cover negligence.

  • We will deal with the allocation of all employment costs of management staff.
  • Prepare detailed job specifications unique to the individual developments and duty sheets which will be completed and submitted to the property Manager on a weekly basis.
  • Arrange agency cover in the event of sickness or holiday.
  • Engage employ, supervise and administer the payroll of staff such as Porters, Concierge, Building Manager, General Manager and Supporting Administrative Staff.
  • Advertising for, recruiting and training on site staff.