Why Choose Us?

With our 30 years plus experience in property management, Broadlands has become an experienced provider of residential and mixed-use property management services. Local authorities have become more and more reluctant to adopt the estate infrastructure and changes in planning requirements have led to increasing private housing estates requiring alternative solutions for communal open space management.

Every development is unique and so we approach each development on an individual basis from un-adopted roadways and wildlife areas to equipped areas of play and public open space. Whatever the individual requirements we can provide an unparalleled tailored solution.

Adaptable Approach

Our adaptable approach allows us to work with clients at any stage of the process.

Prior to construction

A management strategy that is prepared prior to construction is of great assistance in the long term. Broadlands works closely with developers and their onsite agents to introduce services from the outset that minimise the service charge liability wherever possible. Help and guidance on the complex service charge structures is a vital part of our strategy ensuring that service charges are always fair and equitable.

Construction underway

Where a development is already under construction or is occupied and running, Broadlands will work with the client (whether a Residents Management Company, Developer or Freeholder) to advise and assist, ensuring that the service charges are collected in line with the legal documentation.