Healthy Us, Healthy You

Broadlands have a wealth of experience in helping our clients conform to the ever growing pieces of legislation surrounding Health & Safety which relate to management of residential property. We have developed an innovative and user friendly system which facilitates easy monitoring or performance and compliance.

Health and Safety Legislation

The web of health and safety legislation surrounding residential properties grows in complexity all the time, making it a critical ongoing issue. Keeping track of your responsibilities can be stressful and time consuming and the penalties for non-conformance can be severe.

health safety notice
Our professional health and safety service provides invaluable assistance to help you minimise risk and reinforce compliance where required, from the communal parts of a development to property and asbestos surveys, testing of electrical supplies and other issues.

The quality and scope of our advice is unrivalled and our property managers are highly trained in the ever changing legislation, thus giving you reliable guidance that will help to ensure that potential risks are identified and eliminated or reduced to give you peace of mind.

We Value


Broadlands cares passionately about the health and safety of our own staff and those of all our clients. We offer our health and safety expertise to many clients providing them with the training, knowledge and tools to help their staff work safely and prevent accidents.

The Environment

Broadlands are committed to being socially responsible, making a positive difference in the communities we work in. Much effort is often required to minimise the effect of developments on the environment. We support our customers by providing sound environmental solutions.


We bring to bear our extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience in helping you navigate the ever increasing number of health and safety regulations. We can ensure compliance bringing security, quality and peace of mind!